„Strawberry Fields“, Bergen Kunsthall

Tomorrow´s Parties, MA Exhibition Fine Art – Bergen National Academy of the Arts,  Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen/ Norwegen, 2008


Thinking about landscape

Landscape is a term grown in history, connected to landscape painting in 17th century.
Landscape is shape, human influence, in the transition between nature and culture.
Landscape is just in parts natural, but more cultural and changes constantly by human influence.
Landscape can be interpreted by the viewer.
The interpretation of landscape is based on ideas changing over the time. Weiterlesen

Elf City

Silke Rokitta, Elf City, 14 Lambda-Prints, 10 x 10 cm, 2008


Strawberry Fields

From the beginning I was interested in these giant strawberries selling huts, like signals in the landscape, like big round marbles, bigger than me, giving a distorted scale to the surrounding, lost and red and disturbing. Weiterlesen