a landing in a flight of stairs



Silke Rokitta, 2008


„Strawberry Fields“, Bergen Kunsthall


Tomorrow´s Parties, MA Exhibition Fine Art – Bergen National Academy of the Arts,  Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen/ Norwegen, 2008

Thinking about landscape

Landscape is a term grown in history, connected to landscape painting in 17th century.
Landscape is shape, human influence, in the transition between nature and culture.
Landscape is just in parts natural, but more cultural and changes constantly by human
Landscape can be interpreted by the viewer.
The interpretation of landscape is based on ideas changing over the time. Weiterlesen „Thinking about landscape“

Elf City

Walking mostly in the middle of the night, at a place far from the places I knew, an Iceland even alien to Icelanders. Far from the cities, in May, when the night is never dark and just a twilight of maybe two hours, creating a state between. In a time when the light between day and night illuminates the land, and a heat wave pushes the temperature above twenty degrees every day.
Drying racks, Elf hills, playgrounds, blocked up windows, industry buildings, buoys, signals, the horizon. Smooth agates in the streambeds, crystal high up in the mountains of green and red stone.
Smell of seaweed, constant breeze.
A geological formation on the brink of the village: home of the Icelandic Queen of the Elves.
Elf City.

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Während der Dionysià Residency im Mai 2008 im isländischen Borgarfjordur eystri wanderte ich viel durch die Umgebung des Dorfes. Hohe Gerüste aus Holz stehen in der freien Landschaft, an ihnen hängt der Kabeljau zum Trocknen. Der Wind bewegt sich, sie stoßen aneinander, klappern leise und hohl. In der ehemaligen Fischfabrik des Ortes hängte ich Miesmuscheln an Wollfäden. In der Zugluft klappern auch sie.

Installation, Muscheln und Wolle, Borgarfjordur eystri, Island, 2008